SAMs and Improved Endgame/Base Rape

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SAMs and Improved Endgame/Base Rape

Postby Andreee » Mon Mar 07, 2016 10:04 am

SAM Pack with a ton of real-life SAM systems. SHORAD, Intermediate Range, Theater Level SAMs, ARM, RWR. ... 3-version/

Maybe the SA-10/20 and Patriot batteries don't fit the size of the map but some high-end long range SAMs like the BUK and SHORAD like the SA-15 could help with endgame base raping.

This could also introduce endgame SEAD and DEAD missions since ARMs are modeled with scripts. Could also lead to expansion of bombs by including JSOWs, SDBs, etc since something like a SA-15 can shoot them down. SF-style missions spotting and sabotaging radar systems. CRAM defending against artillery attacking these targets. :o

Everything seems very well documented in this PDF: ... 51A7917265

Dependency says it only needs CUP for ArmA 3 because of how the scripts are called and maybe crewmen?. I don't think they need the actual CUP models. No clue what this really means but I'm assuming you guys change the scripts quite a bit to make everything in the mission fit together.

Looks like a huge undertaking right after release but this could really change the endgame meta.

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Re: SAMs and Improved Endgame/Base Rape

Postby Apollo » Mon Mar 07, 2016 10:47 am

Needs to be on steam workshop

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