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Postby Ubart » Sat May 23, 2015 9:40 pm

What is it in the coding that decides whether or not you are going to get fucked or not? Chemarus start of mission , no one else is logged in, it's just me on Opfor . I say "what the Hell" suicide experiment, so I'm pissed already right(sick of the bullshit) . I drive the MHQ up on the front lawn at Berezino , ok , it's blue. I'm greated by three T55's a couple apc's and shitload of infantry. I start doing doughnuts (it looks like the fourth of fucking July) tracers , explosions everywhere. I'm ramming Mtfr's and running mf'rs over. but they just won't kill me. Thing is iff I was legit in maybe a tank or apc of my own trying to take the town I would of been dead before I got 500 meters from town. I mean there wouldn't be any tracers or smoke and drama , I would have been dead before I knew what happened . It was both funny Ha HA , and funny queer. But It mostly was just lame.

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