Invisible bases

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Invisible bases

Postby SpecOpOFPS » Wed Jan 06, 2016 7:24 am

I come to NWAF. Drive around it, nothing. Check nearby forest. Check Southern part, barracks and forest. Check hangars. Nothing. Then I decide to drive across the airfield directly. And suddenly get killed by base defence appeared from nowhere and now visible. Tanks, ZUs, walls and other stuff immediately appear and you get shot. OK.
What was today. Today I did the same, but decided to watch from behind a tree for longer. In a few minutes I noticed an opfor truck came to a hangar, a guy (player) got off and was standing at a hangar. Then a plane appeared. But there wasn't AAR, there wasn't anything around hangars at all. I checked NWAF. I was watching him from another side of NWAF. I ran to that truck and once I reached airstrip (open space of the airfield) base defence appeared exactly in the place I've been sitting all the time. Base became alive in one second with all the noises and activity. In a second HF appeared to the left from me, tanks also appeared there from nowhere and shot me.

It wasn't like I was running for 15 seconds and gradually noticed buildings and tanks appearing from forest. It all came in 0.5 seconds just next to me and behind me once I reached some point on the airstrip. Literally.

Sorry, Troll Level for saying this, but it happens when you play on the server. When average players online, I can track and find their bases. But this crazy stuff happens only with you. Other strange stuff happens when other top players online, but that's another story. Don't tell me it's high ping or whatever. It's not about ping at all.

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