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Postby Optics » Sat Apr 23, 2016 10:02 pm

I hope this message finds you PETER. I understand that you are the most active player these days on OFPS Arma2 server. And I want to make sure you understand the reasons of me banning you for a !week.

24 April 2016 at around 0015 EST, you purposely destroyed your team's MHQ in 2 consecutive games, in what appeared to be in a moment of rage. Team killing and also called me a cheater. I want you to realize that everything is logged. It is not my intent to deny access to this server to any players. We have a good community here and I believe that having a good attitude/behavior with each other is the key. Sometimes we win and sometimes we lose, it's part of the game.

If you will, you can post your feelings in the Ban Appeals section of the forums and give us your thoughts and side of the story.

Symaun and NoLiMiT$oLDieR witnessed the whole thing

I hope to see you again good sir, with a positive mindset.



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