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Postby KYLE » Tue Jan 14, 2014 3:12 pm

]OFPS.NET Leadership:
OmonXR - Server Owner
KYLE - OFPS General Manager
SpanishSurfer - ARMA 3 Server Manager / Head Mission Developer
Sentient - Arma 2 Server Manager

Senior Server Admins:
Chris - Server Admin/Mission Development

Server Admins:

Vardayn - In Game Admin
Mop - In Game Admin
TS - In Game Admin
Unknown - In Game Admin
Belaron - In Game Admin
Peakman - In Game Admin
Oscar - In Game Admin
Hoplomachus - In Game Admin
McDerp - In Game Admin
LiveandLetDie - In Game Admin / Mission Developer
CrisBlunt - In game admin
Magnet Ass - In game admin / Mission Developer
Acalculus - In game admin / Mission Developer
TheMidnightNarwhal - In game admin
Paleron - In game admin
Zavislak - In game admin
RandyTailPipe - In game admin
Mikan - In game admin (European)
Dain - In game admin
TH3K1LL3R45 - In game admin
Vetovius - In game admin
Focke66 - In game admin

TS3 Admins:
OFPS.NET General Manager
Voted most abusive ARMA Admin by 9 out of 10 Adolescent DayZ Fags.
Bohemia isn't evil, they just spend all of their time making the parts of Arma 3 they couldn't finish on time into DLC.
All Admin Decisions are Final - Bitch and ill throw you into the Arma Sarlacc Pit.

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