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Postby SpanishSurfer » Sat Nov 18, 2017 10:16 pm

CTI Players,
How the fuck are you guys!? Some of you probably think the OFPS community has died down, well it hasn't! Most of are still here and the work has never stopped!

In my previous post I mentioned DISCORD and that's now our primary means of comms, just so much easier. If you haven't swung by, what are you waiting for? Click this link and you'll immediately enter the world of chat.

So the big news is that the server has been MOVED and HARDWARE upgraded. It's now located in the EAST Coast of Canada sitting on the backbone of the internet. Which for you guys means LOWER pings. The hardware is also beefier meaning that server FPS now stays HIGHER when the action gets heavy and player count at a max; it should be a substantial improvement to the mission. So dust off your joysticks and Arma gear and come join us again for some fantastic battles, we miss you!

And if you enjoy playing, don't forget to donate a little each month. We have to pay to keep the server up, it costs about $130/month. A few bucks from each person goes a long way to keep the mission running smooth.

Thanks for reading, see you soon!


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