ARMA 3 Units CUP/OFPS Balancing/fixes issues.

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ARMA 3 Units CUP/OFPS Balancing/fixes issues.

Postby Apollo » Wed Apr 20, 2016 5:07 am

So with all the new units in play I figured I should write a post about some of the issues with the CUP units Armor mobility and such things as i see people having issues with vehicles and post about them here when they really need to be talking to CUP modders.

First thing you need to understand is that CUP is a work in progress and by no means perfect, rather then me trying to go and fix CUP mistakes I am going to wait for CUP to fix their own issues or consider a asset to be finished and then decide if the issue is worth fixing/looking into myself if i disagree with it or think its junk.

Right now lots of units in cup are messed right up for lots of values eg Armor values being completely out of whack, if ai will target said unit or not and with what, what weapons AI will engage with and at what ROF, If a unit has a R/TAB targeting hud and visible reticle and so on to even how likely a unit is to show up on radar and so forth.

If you find a issue you need to bring it up with them on their forums and it would be necessary if you want something actually fixed to provide the correct information.

To do that you need to have the right tools and know how to use them.
You need to download PBO manager to open the files with the units They are in the addons folder of arma 3
you then open the pbo for veh in question and find the CONFIG File
You download arma 3 tools from steam and use the CFG converter to convert it to a text file
you then read the file and check the values
Here is something you can use for basic ref you can also use other vehs configs to give you a good idea of whats right and whats not ... _Reference

After that you go on the CUP website and say HEY this value is messed up and this is what it should be!
They then decide if they want to fix your issue.

Why do I mention this? so you focus on the vehs that are part of the OFPS pack and ask for changes with them and leave us alone when it comes to CUP mistakes, and we can fix issues that are actually fixable by us.

How do you know what units are OFPS ones? You check your addon folder for the OFPS mod pack, those are the ones that I can potentially change/fix and you can give me the information I need to know in order to make the proper changes, or if you feel up to it you can change the values yourself and test it in the editor to make sure its working the way you want it to then send us the new config.

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