Arma 3 Apex update/expansion release 11th July

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Arma 3 Apex update/expansion release 11th July

Postby Vitdom » Sun Jul 10, 2016 6:46 am

Arma 3's first expansion, Apex, will release tomorrow on the 11th of July, mid-day in the US and evening in Europe. It is accompanied by a free platform update to version 1.62. The update's size will be up to 10 GigaBytes depending on Apex ownership. Servers might also take an extended amount of time to come online after the update.

The update is already available for pre-load and play for all Arma 3 owners. For those of you with slower network connections, this is particularly useful. Do this by subscribing to the Arma 3 "BETAS"-branch Apex_sneak_preview in the Steam client.
Following its release, Apex can no longer be purchased with a -20% pre-order discount. Bohemia Interactive did not increase the discount during the Steam summer sale, demonstrating unwillingness to present sale events with increased discounts.

Although free platform updates will continue, not a lot of information on what the Arma 3 development team's goals are after the release of Apex is public, so they are probably monitoring the reception of Apex very closely to decide Arma 3's future in development. If you have further information or sources regarding the development team's next goals, please share them.

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Re: Arma 3 Apex update/expansion release 11th July

Postby SabreOne » Sun Jul 10, 2016 9:50 pm

This the the response I got back from their twitter feed

@MatthewP39 Hi Matthew. We'll definitely be supporting Arma 3 beyond Apex, but don't have specific details for you yet.

I won't be surprised if we get a few more DLC's in the future. Look at Arma 2 and all the "army expansions" they brought us.

Can't wait to play on this map, hope you guys practice your jungle warfare tactics. Carpet bombing, recon by fire, air cavalry is all coming back! :D
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