Apex VehicleTransport System.

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Apex VehicleTransport System.

Postby SabreOne » Sun Jul 10, 2016 10:56 pm

I'm pretty excited for the new vanilla transport system. Unlike previous scripted attempts to simulate cargo holding in large transport aircraft. BI has implemented a system that relies on hitbox size rather then a scripted list. Meaning if it fits, it will fit. Another touch will be weight is now added and simulated. Meaning that flying a fully loaded transport will be harder then one that is unloaded.

V-44 X Blackfish
Dingo 2 (All variants)
M113 (All variants)
Coyote (All variants)
Jackel (All variants)
Land rover (All variants)
HMMWV (All Variants)
LAV-25 (All Variants)
Hunter (All Variants)
HEMMTT(Only the none-trailer vairiant aka the salvager),
Prowler both kinds.

Y-32 Xi'an
Technicals (Both the CUp's and variants)
UAZ's (Only open top variants with no roll bars.)

Couple extra notes to add:
Boats and cargo containers do not load right now. I'm sure this can be implemented easy enough however.

The system will automatically adjust to space for smaller objects. Meaning it will create more rows and columns of things like ATV's and motorcycles if their is space.

This system will eventually be distributed to the other Arma 3 helicopters and transports.
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