Towns That Seem To Counter Attack Constantly

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Re: Towns That Seem To Counter Attack Constantly

Postby SSneek » Mon Jan 16, 2017 3:15 am

There are plenty of good ways to end a game if the teams are competent. The issue we're currently seeing is that many people just don't realize they are being extremely inefficient and throwing away their money on poorly planned assaults.

If you want to end a game quickly you need to think what you can do to assist the team in putting a variety of assets on target.

When we stalemate it's usually not a balance issue but a leadership issue. You don't have to be the commander to be a leader ... often I just run recon and develop a plan of action, mark enemy positions, clear AA on foot, and then start calling out teammates I recognize to help me by doing what they do best. (get the bombers accurate markers and low AA, mark ground and air routes to target, airlift tanks and rep/ammo trucks & call armor guys to man them to kill defenses, bring a repair truck and ask people to respawn on your FOB and build mortars, AT defenses, gmgs to snipe statics, etc. (TO DO A TASK!!! DO NOT LET THEM GO SOLO, they will mostly fail to make a dent!)

once you get 3-4 people doing what they like and supply them with clear routes and all the info they need, it's not long until you team is seriously hammering the enemy. I've ended a lot of games with just a stealth suit, silenced rifle (to clear re spawning statics to snipe and clear way for air/infantry), a laser designator, and an abundance of map markers.
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Re: Towns That Seem To Counter Attack Constantly

Postby SSneek » Mon Jan 16, 2017 3:17 am

also there's always the nuke truck or artillery/cruise missiles. Even solo you can often get a FOB up and stealthily remove CRAMS, then designate or mark for AI fire missions ... the problem is most players just keep buying mid-game assets and throwing them away like they are attacking a town, forgetting they should save up for something more impactful.

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Re: Towns That Seem To Counter Attack Constantly

Postby Hawkeye » Sat Jan 21, 2017 3:29 pm

Thanks for explaining.
SSneek wrote:pressing 'reload' at a town center reloads your last kit purchased, regardless of tech level. You can also buy rockets directly into a vehicle at base (even remotely to an AI in a jeep) and park it out in a safe spot. If I'm out anywhere I usually bring a med with some rockets ... if I change strategies, I buy a crewman in town and have him park it in an alley to prevent despawn until I get back.
This is great news, but how was I supposed to know this? So little documentation for such a complex game mode.

Supply is temporarily bumped up for testing, it's not permanent from what I understand. CRAMs are not strong at all -- get a respawn point nearby and lob an rpg or two for an easy bounty payday. Barrier nerfs are coming up and base HP was just nerfed last patch, but attacking a base should be a combined arms effort, so they'll never be weak enough for small groups to summarily end the game vs a defending force.
Getting the respawn point can be all but impossible in a lot of situations, though. IF the base is set up far from the frontline, you pretty much can't get a truck or car or bicycle within a few km of the base once jets/helis get set up (around the same time CRAMS comes into play). The only time this isn't the case is when a commander sets the base up very close to the frontline, or the team gets pushed back over hours of play. So it's not always, no, but it can be very much an impossible task taking out a base with CRAMS, km from frontline, and with very strong AA and then the defensive structures around everything.

You mention teamwork, and yes that's important. But even on a somewhat private server like we have, that's usually missing to the degree required for this sort of endgame. And if the other team has a halfway competent commander, good luck keeping the CRAMS down for long. It's not that expensive, and it can be rebuilt instantly. It's insanely underpriced given what it does.

" If the game is over, find something fun to do on the side or politely inform your team and commander that you think it is time to surrender. If you can draw them to have a real discussion then you can then push everybody involved to make an well informed decision, immediately.
I think my point is more that we should have a formal voting method (as with commander vote) for surrendering a lost cause. I see a lot of people start leaving the server once a match hits this point, leading to very unbalanced teams of course (which in turn does eventually lead to a loss), but if half the team is quitting, it'd be healthier for the server and community longevity if they could just collectively call a vote to end the game and start anew.

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