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Postby KYLE » Tue Jan 14, 2014 12:48 pm

If you feel the ban was in error or was unjustified, please post a topic here.

Attacking or publicly bitching about the Admin who banned you will result in a longer ban. If you have an issue with an Admin, PM me to discuss it.

In your post please include:
What Game you were banned from?
Your in game name:
Stated reason for the ban (the ban message you get): Eg. 3D-TK-KYLE
Approximate local time/date of the ban (include timezone):

Have you BattleEye Client GUID Ready. Run the following command on another BattlEye Enabled server using the public chat channel.

#beclient guid

Your GUID should look something like this: aaaaa2b61881b8415ba4f48f51fb991a

Valid reasons for In-Game Bans include but are not limited to:

1. "Trolling"/Disrespecting Admins = 1 Day Ban
2. Intentional TK = up to 3 Day Ban
3. Excessive TK OR Team Treason = up to 7 Day Ban
4. Cheating/Glitching the Game = 30 Day Ban (no less)
5. Hacks/Malicious Script = Permanent Ban
6. Bad Attitude/Excessive Racism = 7 Day or Permanent Ban at Admin discretion.

Excessive TK = Multiple Intentional TKs of 2 or more human players within or TKing the same player more than 3 times.

Team Treason = Purposely Destroying High Value Asset such as Blackfoot or Revealing a base to enemy

Multiple Offenses = x2 from your last offense or x2 from current offense, if different, whichever greater.
(Trolling = 24hour ban, you do it again 2 day ban, again 4, etc).

Please note appeals only apply to bans manually created by one of our Admins:
If you were banned by BattlEye, there is no appeal process because you got caught running a cheat engine or attempting to hack using client side scripts/etc. BattlEye bans are controlled by Bohemia Interactive and apply across all BattlEye enabled servers. You must contact Bohemia Interactive Directly if you are getting a Global Ban Message.

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