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Somerled Unban Appeal - McDerp

Posted: Wed Jun 17, 2015 8:37 pm
by Somerled
What Game you were banned from? Seattle CTI Warfare server (Arma 3)
Your in game name: Somerled
Stated reason for the ban (the ban message you get): Eg. 3D-TK-KYLE Ban Message: "Intentional tk"
Approximate local time/date of the ban (include timezone): Around 8:15 pm PST (Seattle)

So I certainly did not "intentionally" tk anyone, and I think that was made clear when I said (after I was fined for a teamkill) "Wait that chopper was friendly??? I pressed tilde to check..." I had shot down what Ares told me was an Orca, which only OPFOR have I guess. I used to play on the OFPS Arma 2 server, but I only recently bought Arma 3 about 4 days ago. I'm really not used to the vehicles and frequently rely on tilde to check for friendlies. That being said, a chopper flew into Neochori (I think thats the name) right as someone typed "NEO" in chat. I thought this meant there was an incoming situation, potentially BLUFOR contact, which I interpreted to be the chopper flying in carrying troops. I check tilde, didn't see the green name pop up, so destroyed it with an RPG all in a matter of about 15 seconds... I believe it was McDerp's helicopter. About 20 seconds after i typed "Wait that chopper was friendly???" someone on our team kept rapidly repeating "Ban him. Ban him. Ban him." over voice. Then McDerp banned me without saying anything.

I apologize for the incident, truly I didn't mean it. But I really don't deserve a ban..

Re: Somerled Unban Appeal - McDerp

Posted: Thu Jun 18, 2015 9:28 am

I have removed your ban based on the logs. Please call out all vehicles in chat to avoid incidents like this in the future. The ~ does not work more than a couple of thousand meters out. The tactical glasses are the only way to tell for sure if someone is friendly or not. Please be more careful in the future.