Justified ban

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Justified ban

Postby a84881677 » Wed Jan 06, 2016 8:58 pm

1; ARMA2 oa
3:Into the game the blue side. Northeast under attack airfields. When I won a banner. He was found to be another person won the flag. And this man is sent directly to come here. Later this person came to that point. AI do not attack. The original is a plug. Report administrator matter. This person also spike my teammates. Later, I direct spike. There are three are in use cheat. The administrator no matter what. I do not know this is what the server. This is unreasonable. Commander of cheating. Very irritating
4;ban time 21:54 2016:01:1The time difference between China and the United States in about 13--16 hours. I am in China

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