unjustified ban by SpanishSurfer

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unjustified ban by SpanishSurfer

Postby Chugawaga » Sat Mar 25, 2017 10:33 pm

so I got on the game on march 25 2017 at around 10:00 PM and when I got through the loading screen as a joke I said in chat "I eat women for breakfast" then I was TK, I don't know by who but if i were to guess it was SpanishSurfer and ill explain latter,but when I respawned I said in chat "I eat men for breakfast" the not a minute later was baned for 3 days for trolling without a warning???A 3 day ban is for TKing 2-3 people which I never did,so I got on the discord and explained my problem to SpanishSurfer and he said "ride out your 3 day ban, don't TK, and don't troll on VON". How is saying 2 things in side trolling on VON and when I told him I never TK and to look/pull up the logs he said "i don't need to check logs" witch is very suspicious,this is why I think he TKed me witch is not a very good thing for a admin to do right.Any way I really like this server and I want to keep playing on it but I cant if Iam going to get baned for TK's that I didn't do and unjustified bans that where giving without warning. Thankyou for taking the time to read this form :D

Ingame name was (CC)womboligy at the time of the ban

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Re: unjustified ban by SpanishSurfer

Postby SpanishSurfer » Sat May 27, 2017 9:34 pm

You screamed into side chat out of nowhere, immediately establishing your maturity level within 15 seconds of joining the server. Then minutes after that, you TK 2 players who instantly tell me you've been a problem in the past. Understand we don't put up with the sort of behaviour that adolescents typically exhibit on games such as Battlefield or CoD, our community is mostly grown ups. The 3 day ban was justified and your actions are not. Learn from this and grow as a person, hope to see you on soon with a better sense of how to act on our server.

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